No Napkins is a Rock music project from Aylesbury, England, UK.

No Napkins means no etiquette in music, freedom of expression, dig deep to our inner core without have to conform to the programmed patterns imposed upon us, remain a free spirit with a higher purpose.

No Napkins is a project to prove that everything is possible... 

Whilst taking time to reflect and never stop believing in yourself.  Always maintain self esteem, even at times when life brings you down and when your dreams are being shattered.  Have the courage to dive deep and explore the unknown, reinvent yourself and work on your weaknesses. You will always succeed as long you believe and take positive action.

No Napkins was originally created by the bass player, lyrics writer, in early 2017.

After personal adverse events, he wanted to learn to play bass and create a music album. He started  this journey in January 2017, to indeed to prove that everything is possible when entrusting his future to ‘thee’. 

After creating a repertoire of bass lines and lyrics and having cooperated with musicians it has resulted in today’s No Napkins sound.